This is the useful resources page.  Here you will find links to useful websites that can assist you during your stay in Tokyo.  Please be advised that some of these are affiliate links.  However, I would never promote a product or service in which I haven’t personally tried or don’t believe in.


Train route finder Jorudan:              

Immigration Bureau of Japan:          

Business Hotels

Toyoko Inn:                                        


Capsule Hotels

Narita Airport:                                              Nine Hours

Haneda Airport:                                           First Cabin

Ginza:                                                             The Prime Pod (Female guests welcome)

Shinjuku:                                                       Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule Hotel

Akihabara:                                                    Anshin Oyado

Foreigner Friendly Real Estate Agents

Daito Kentaku 



 If you are looking for alternatives to traditional hotel rooms then Airbnb is your answer.  You can search for your ideal accommodation whether it be an apartment, condo, house, villa, houseboat or even castle!  Get a 3,500 Yen (About USD$35) travel credit once you sign up to use the service.  Click here to get started. 

Do you have an extra room, apartment, condo or other type of accommodation and would like to make some additional money on the side?  Then becoming an Airbnb host is for you.  It’s as easy as creating a listing, welcoming guests and getting paid.  To get started as an Airbnb host Click here. 


Visitors Coverage

Thing of the following situation.  You are on your dream vacation and having a great time.  Then suddenly you feel extremely sick.  You need to go to the hospital but there is just one problem.  You don’t have travel insurance!  Don’t let yourself become another statistic.  Make sure you obtain the proper medical coverage for your next trip.  Check out Visitors Coverage for more information.  They will take care of you!


Thinking about visiting, moving to or doing business in Japan?  Then it is important that you learn the language.  Believe me when I say that understanding the language of the country you are visiting or living in makes your life a whole lot easier.  When I first start studying Japanese there wasn’t the technology that exists today back then.  Now it is convenient to learn a foreign language from the comfort of your own home or on the go using your smartphone or tablet.  Pimsleur has the tools you need to get you started on your journey of learning a foreign language.  Check their offer for a free lesson.


Online Travel Agents


Travel Scale

Planning a trip abroad in the near future?  Will you be using an LCC (Low Cost Carrier)? Well then you might want to invest in a handy travel scale.  By weighing your bags before your flight you will know whether you are over or under the maximum weight allowed by the airline.