Top Sightseeing Spots In Tokyo Part One

Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, is known to have the largest metropolitan economy on Earth. Apart from the financial sector, one of the biggest contributors to this economy is the tourism industry. In fact, the city witnesses millions of tourists from other parts of the country as well as from around the world visiting every year, leading to billions in revenue generation.

There are numerous Sightseeing spots in Tokyo that prove to be great attraction for tourists from all parts of the globe. Today, we are going to take a look at three of the best tourist spots in the city.

1) Tokyo Disney Sea

A fantasy amusement park located in the Tokyo Disney Resort, the Tokyo Disney Sea is one of the many theme parks in the country, and caters to tourists of all ages. While most of the areas of the park can prove to be very fun for children, there are numerous areas that will serve as great attractions for grown-ups. The theme park draws its inspiration from legends and myths of the sea and comprises of seven different ports. These ports have been named:


  • Mysterious Island

  • Mediterranean Harbor

  • Arabian Coast

  • Mermaid Lagoon

  • Port Discovery

  • Lost River Delta

  • American waterfront

Apart from the various types of amusements offered by the park, tourists will also be able to find some incredible restaurants, stalls and food joints. These eateries serve delicious dishes from the local cuisine as well as other cultures and cuisines from around the globe. Some of these restaurants also serve alcoholic beverages and drinks, something that cannot be commonly seen in other theme parks or amusement parks in the country. The park is open every day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm. Tourists can take the Disney Resort Monorail from Maihama Station to Tokyo Disney Sea Station.

Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea

2) Tsukiji Fish Market

One of the largest wholesale markets in Japan, Tsukiji Fish Market is popularly known for the wide variety of fish, vegetables, fruits and flowers on offer. The entire market caters to the distribution of food and flowers throughout the city as well as the country. The market also tends to the distribution hub of over 2,000 tons of fishes and other marine products on a daily basis, making it one of the largest fish markets in Asia.

The sight of busy marketers buying stuff from the many sellers is a sight enjoyed by many tourists who visit the market. In fact, the population of tourists visiting the market has gradually grown over the years, making it difficult for the spot to handle daily business with an infrastructure that is not suitable for being a tourist spot.

A breakfast in the morning with a Sushi platter along with a lunch from one of the many restaurants in the market can serve as a great attraction for tourists. The market is open as early as 5 in the morning and operates quite late into the night. Tourists can access the market from Tsukiji Station by taking the Oedo Subway Line from Shinjuku Station or you can got to Tokyo Station and board the Marunouchi Subway Line to get to Ginza and then take the Hibiya Subway Line.

Tsukiji Fish Market

3) Odaiba

Situated on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is one of the most popular entertainment and shopping districts in the city. Originally meant to be forts against possible foreign attacks from the sea, the island has been transformed into a marketplace for visiting tourists. The district also houses some of the most futuristic and lavish developments and architectural structures of the city. Some of these structures include the Fuji TV Building, Tokyo Big Sight and the Telecom Center.

Tourists can also have great sightseeing tours while travelling to the district. Some of the great sightseeing spots along the way include Rainbow Bridge or the harbor of Tokyo. The elevated train rides from Yurikamome or the boat rides from the harbor can be quite spectacular for any tourist due to the amazing views available. Even a walk on the Rainbow Bridge can offer some exquisite views for any tourist.

This district is particularly attractive for tourists for the wide range of entertainment available . The place is also popular among tourists for the wide range of opportunities it offers for people to go on dates or enjoy some quality time together. With loads of dining and leisure options on offer, tourists are unlikely to suffer from boredom in this entertainment district.

Gundam Odaiba

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