Top Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo Part Two

We have discussed three top sightseeing spots in Tokyo in Part 1. In part 2, we will focus on two popular sightseeing spots namely, Tokyo Disneyland and the Sumida River Cruise.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is one of the best Disney Castle Parks in the world. Tourists from  all over the world visit it for the quality of maintenance, awesome dining options, amazing cast members,  flagship attractions, and incredible snack options. Tokyo Disneyland reflects the Bizarro Magic Kingdom as some aspects of this park such as the mirroring parts reveals some signs of the present-day Magic Kingdom.

The park is popular for the entertainment. Your kids will find different and unique sources of entertainment to create memories that will last a lifetime. It looks interesting with Japanese fans putting the mats down on the floor for the parades that continue for almost for an hour. The parades are one of the key attractions of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is also one of the top five theme parks in the world when it comes to the number of annual visitors.  This park is full of unique attractions. It is hard to explore all the attractions in a single day.  The Mickey Mouse resort is waiting for tourists just located fifteen minutes away from the central Tokyo.

In addition to the classic Disney attractions, you will find world-class accommodations for your vacation including Disney hotels, delectable dining, fabulous shopping, and colorful entertainment. There will be much more with seasonal events. You will enjoy new attractions and something new to enjoy every time you visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland 1

This is a classic theme park with seven themed lands and many exciting and fun attractions. Moreover, this is the only park in the world themed to the legends and myths of the sea. You will find spectacular live entertainment, exciting attractions, and taste-tempting restaurants in all the seven theme parks.

Tokyo Disneyland is popular for unique and wonderful attractions. You will find more than forty attractions in Tokyo Disneyland. We will discuss some of them.

There are Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Toontown. At Big Thunder Mountain, you will find a roller coaster that runs at an extremely high speed. You will love this great experience. Splash Mountain is popular for the cliff hanging experience drop from the sixteen meters height. The guests will have an amazing experience. If you sit in the front seat, you definately get wet after the ride.

Space mountain is similar to Big Thunder Mountain. But the difference is that it runs in darkness and faster as well. If you love adventure, then you should also pay a visit to the haunted mansion. It is surrounded by 999 ghosts. The kids might have a scarry experience.  However, Mickey Mouse will be one of your favorite attractions as he walks around the kingdom. You will most certainly enjoy taking photos with him.

Some of the other attractions are the western river railroad, Dreamlights, Happiness is here parade, Pooh’s Hunny hunt, The Pirates of Caribbean, and the Mark Twain riverboat ride.

Sumida River Cruise

The Sumida River surrounds the city. If you love a cruise or a boat tour, you should think about joining the Sumida River Cruise. The cruise will go under various bridges while catching a glimpse of  Tokyo tower and passing Shinto shrines. You will explore a lot of new things while riding on the Sumida River Cruise. This river branches from the Arakawa River through Tokyo Bay. It covers eight miles and passes eight bridges around the city.

The key attraction of this river is the Sumida River Fireworks festival that is celebrated in July every year. This festival is known for the spectacular explosion of lights against the water. If you want to explore more, you can cruise along the river to explore other destinations such as the Hamari Gardens and Asakusa Temple. During this ride nin spring , you will see the cherry blossoms in full blossoms.

The sightseeing river cruise can be the best option for all those who are short on time. You will get a nice view of the city, shops of Nakamise Street, the Ginza district, and the Imperial Palace. You can explore many things and places on this three to five hour tour. You will get to have a relaxing time on the cruise.

What to expect

You will see most of the top attractions in Tokyo that will include ancient temples, bustling shopping districts, and modern buildings. Besides, you will have various views of Tokyo. The cruise tour includes everything such as the hotel pickup, entrance fee, expert guide, and transportation.

So did you like Top Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo Part Two?  I hope you did.  If you have any questions or comments please let me know in the comments section.  Also, did you check out our latest blog post on top sightseeing spots in Tokyo Part One?  If not then click here. 

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